RIPL is leading the national effort to use data, science, and technology to drive evidence-based policymaking and strong pathways from poverty to prosperity.

RIPL’s approach turns facts into results by combining high-powered research, policy expertise, and technical know-how to give governments the tools they need to better serve their communities.

We believe success comes from partnership every step of the way. We help our partners develop a culture of asking the right questions and using data to objectively answer them. We deliver the tools needed to identify answers and turn those answers into actionable steps to improve lives.

Putting Facts at Policymakers’ Fingertips

We build bridges between policy challenges and scientific solutions.

We take large-scale, difficult-to-use data from across county, state and federal agencies, and transform them into relational databases which put the facts you need at your fingertips. 

By turning unwieldy administrative record systems into reliable data for insights, we help our partners ask and answer the questions they need to improve policy and provide better services to their communities.  
We help build trust, create lasting relationships, and contribute know-how to foster long-term government capacity for data-driven policy improvement.

Best-in-Class science and technology to understand what works and why

We design data to answer these questions and build the scientific-grade solutions to solve pressing challenges.

  • We build cloud systems to produce research results that matter. Our scientists and technologists work with our partners to create and deploy a cloud-based Research Data Lake (RDL) of administrative data, which empowers government to use its own data to instantaneously power insights, and to safely and securely partner with researchers to develop and productionize policy improvements with measurable impact.

RDLs deliver the technology infrastructure to integrate existing government data; create a secure, research-ready environment; and feed APIs so that governments can use the best-in-class data visualization, predictive modeling, Artificial Intelligence-powered interventions, and causal analysis tools.

Our open-source software integrates data across domains and creates documented derived tables for comprehensive, robust insights that improve outcomes for families in need across health, education, employment, and crime.

Turn Facts into Action

Deploy scalable, sustainable technology and interventions to take science into production.

We turn research into results using market research, behavioral science, economics, and data to figure out what will improve lives, and then make it into reality. 
Our interdisciplinary team of economists, data scientists, and policy experts work directly with our partners from the start to finish developing applications. We work with our partners to develop technology applications and policy improvements, design implementation plans, launch a pilot, and measure success.