DOORS / Data for Opportunity in Occupational Reskilling Solution

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, 39 million American workers were predicted to lose their jobs to automation by 2030. Now, more than ever, we need an effective market for jobs training and reskilling.

The Data for Opportunity in Occupation Reskilling Solution (DOORS) uses Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to connect the American workforce with pathways to in-demand careers, high-quality training, and ready-to-hire employers to get our families on resilient and reliable pathways out of poverty.

How can we use data from job seekers and employers to get your workers on the path to successful reskilling and employment?

The “Netflix for Careers”

DOORS is a first-of-its kind job discovery application that workers need to discover, train, and transition into successful new careers. DOORS unlocks previously inaccessible government administrative data and puts it to work for state residents to: 

  • Deliver personalized career recommendations in growing industries;
  • Direct workers to workforce training programs proven to get them back to work in those industries;
  • Match residents to best-fit available job opportunities.


For each job seeker who answers questions and uploads their resume in the DOORS application, our algorithms analyze their skills and identify which types of new careers people with similar skills profiles to them have tried and were successful in before — for example, which new careers people like the jobseekers have switched to, stuck with, and earned more in in the past. The system uses everyone’s experiences to help each individual make an informed decision. It puts the people’s own state data to work to help Americans make faster, more effective decisions to successfully get back to work.


If the job seeker needs upskilling on the path to that new career, our algorithms analyze state data to determine which upskilling programs effectively increase earnings and employment for past enrollees.  We will deliver those proven-effective training options along with career recommendations, so that people can be confident that their training decision is a good investment.


Finally, we match the job seeker to personalized, highly relevant job posting recommendations in each recommended career. They can connect with employers with a click to start on their journey to a successful job — while employers can get qualified, interested applicants and training programs to help them prepare for their new career.

Data-Driven Workforce Policy

DOORS gives policy leaders real-time access to data and insights about the effectiveness of the state’s workforce development programs and forecasts of upcoming high-demand skills and careers, helping policy leaders deliver the best value to state residents from the state’s workforce investments.

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“I want to see if [a program] is worth it. I cannot spend valuable time on something that will not benefit me in the end.” — Job seeker.

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A Virtuous Cycle Of Reskilling And Reemployment

Data-driven jobseeker career recommendations.

Using the state’s labor data and machine learning techniques, we deliver the best possible career recommendations available.

Reskilling programs proven to improve earnings and employment.

We bring causal science to measure the value that each program illuminates program enrollment and later life earnings.

Effective matches between employers and workers.

We match employer partners with the right applicants with the click of a button…

Feedback loop to improve recommendation engine.

With more users and data using your DOORS application, user career predictions and matches improve over time.

Full system integration to increase efficiency and ease-of-use.

DOORS is modular and can integrate with other systems, such as Unemployment Assistance, to streamline jobseeker experiences across labor programs.

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“This will make us more credible. People will like us better if we have data [and] can answer their questions with confidence.” — State job training counselor.

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RIPL launched DOORS in Rhode Island, you can visit it here

See the press release here.