Leadership Attributes

RIPL leaders strive to meet these standards together.

In all our hiring searches, we are looking for leaders who are excited to exemplify these attributes and help their teammates exemplify them as well.

Secure leader. Leaders listen attentively and well. They ask questions, think creatively, and are comfortable not having all the answers immediately. They know when to identify answers themselves, or reach out to subject experts to find them. They are comfortable with uncertainty and difficult decisions. They make confident, mission-driven and informed decisions in the face of ambiguity to deliver high-quality and high-impact results. 

Principled and values-driven. Leaders uphold RIPL’s values of integrity, trust, and scientific rigor in all contexts. They are committed to using data and science to deliver results that equitably, measurably, and inclusively improve lives. They show humanity and a moral compass in making decisions. 

Takes ownership and initiatives. Leaders take the initiative, whether it is starting something new, solving a problem, or proactively taking on whatever work needs to be done. They can constructively disagree on the right way to achieve their goals, but can then work with the team effectively once a course of action is decided; they “disagree and commit” to uphold the values of the company. Leaders don’t pass a defect forward for someone else to fix; they proactively look for ways to improve the organization and its work.  


Continually raises the quality bar.  Leaders inspire their teams to great heights through efficient, creative, and hard work. They relentlessly deliver high quality work; they pay attention to detail; they instill the desire for the highest quality work throughout the organization. They work to constantly earn and keep both team and partner trust. They motivate and mentor their teams to empower them to produce their best work. 

Accountable to our team, our partners, and our users. Leaders always follow through on their commitments. They communicate clear expectations and accept feedback without repercussions. Leaders create a culture of problem-solving, initiative, and collaboration. They address challenges in a timely, fair, and thoughtful manner.

Team-building, bold, and inspirational. Leaders encourage others to enjoy the work, each other, and the organization’s wins. They treat others respectfully; they are not afraid of admitting mistakes to others and working to correct them. They believe that a team of people and organizations working towards the same goal together is better than one hero. Leaders inspire others to raise their hands and say, “How can I be a part of that?”

Continuous learner. Leaders show introspection. They listen to understand, and are curious about new ways of doing things. Leaders think creatively, taking in new information and incorporating it into their work. They are not afraid to change direction in response to new information if it is in the best interest of our mission and our work.