Data Engineer

RIPL is a not-for-profit research institute with faculty affiliates from top research universities across the country. Our mission is to use data and science to impact policy and improve people’s lives. Our unique approach turns facts into results by combining high-powered research, policy expertise, and technical know-how to give governments the tools they need to better serve their communities with effective public policy. RIPL science has supported policy and process improvements in health care, education, social insurance, civic participation, workforce development, and criminal justice.

We are growing and adding new technical positions to increase impact with several state and local government partners.  As a Data Engineer at RIPL, your primary responsibility will be developing secure data lake solutions with government partners optimized for research and policy insights, and developing applications for translating science into policy production. You will work closely with academic researchers and may have opportunities to develop your findings into peer-reviewed journal articles. You will also collaborate with a broader team of cloud engineers from major technology sector partners as we develop secure data lakes for transforming administrative data into positive impact with partners, and with experts in behavioral economics to develop “nudges” and data-and-research-driven applications to empower individuals with information they need to benefit from innovative and effective public policy programs.


  • An advanced degree (e.g., M.S., Ph.D., M.B.A., J.D., M.D.) or equivalent work experience.
  • Experience with exploring, cleaning, visualizing, and understanding big data.
  • Strong software engineering skills.
  • Expertise with the Linux operating system, a programming or data analysis language (e.g., Python, R, Stata), and relational databases (e.g., SQL). Expertise with cloud computing, web technologies, and distributed systems (e.g., Spark) is a plus.
  • A strong desire and commitment to using science to improve lives, ability to learn and think creatively in partnership with a diverse team of scientists to use data and science to solve complex social problems at speed and at scale.

RIPL is an equal opportunity employer.

To learn more, email a resume and cover letter to with subject “Data Engineer.”